Tuesday, June 4, 2013

The Harp, Costa Mesa

The Dogs (as in Tijuana Dogs) were hot; the manhattan was not.  The reason to go to The Harp on Friday night was to dance the night away to the Tijuana Dogs.  Accomplished.

The drink ($8) was so uninspired in this very wrong and unfilled glass, that I just wanted to cry.  I don't think it's the Jim Beam they used that made it so weak.  I often use Jim Beam at home and the result is a kick ass cocktail. The bartender only poured a little Martini & Rossi vermouth in the shaker.  He started to shake but heard me repeat my request to stir over the dinner and then swirled (same as stirring? who knows?).  Even the guy next to me at the bar commented on the half empty glass.

Proceed to dancing on a very tiny and very crowded dance floor and all is good again.

So I'm going to turn this into a bonus post for this week - about cocktails made at home.  It was only a matter of time before Trader Joe's came out with a TJ's bourbon ($14.99 for 750 ml).  It's 45% alcohol by volume and bottled by Bourbon Square Distilling Company of Louisville, KY.

There is a slight "burn your throat" on the first sip which I like; and something I wasn't accustomed to, the same on the last.  

Nothing comes on for this company on google but several people are writing about TJ's bourbon.  Some interesting commentary here that for the price or slightly more, you can get some decent brand name bourbons.  I must, as they suggest, do some side-by-side comparisons before passing final judgement.  This may not be TJ's finest result, but I like that they makes these efforts to bring us a wide variety of high quality products for decent prices.

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